The Diamond Dozen Policy Policy

Clients must specify exactly what is required of talent prior to booking. Failure to inform of a talent’s duties will result in additional fees and/or renegotiation of contacts.

Client assumes responsibility for all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by talent in connection with project contracted by In booking a represented talent, both talent and client agree to the stipulation.

All usage of talent must be negotiated though Clients are not to contact a talent directly to rehire a talent without doing so via This policy is in effect for five years fallowing the date talent was hired through If it is brought to attention that a previous client has rehired a talent represented be outside of jurisdiction of with five years of previous booking, 20% of payment to talent from client is due to for the project as on top of damages costs incurred by for the illegal booking by Despite satisfaction for original booking by, we demand that clients contact for further bookings or rehire of represented talent.

If booking hourly, client must book for a minimum of two hours. Approximate length of job time must be stated at time of booking. Talent must be paid for the full time they are booked, even if they are not used for the full amount of booking time. agency service fee will be factored in to all booking and usage fees. Clients do not have to pay an additional after negotiating the budget for the job.

Talent cannot sign a photographic release without permission from Any release signed by talent without the consent of is null and void.

Upon receiving booking information, will email confirmation invoice to client responsible for booking. The invoice must be mailed or faxed to to complete booking process. Completed and submitted booking information will be emailed to hired talent.

If talent feels intimidated, violated or threatened at any time within client’s presence, talent has the right to vacate the premise immediately. Client agrees to not receive a refund of 50% deposit and client will be billed for the respective amount of compensation.

Client acknowledges that will make commitments to artist based upon agreed-upon projects with client. As a result, if the client’s scheduled event is shortened or canceled, the client assumes full responsibility for payment to in full, agreed-upon fee for the project unless other wise agreed to between client and,

Monetary compensation for the time of represented talent varies. Pay rate is determined prior to committed event. Print and usage rates are determined on a per-project basis. The preceding sentence means that talents are to be compensated a respective day rate per shoot basis plus a possible buyout rate. Buyout rates very dependent on length of time that images will be used, as well as material unsafe. represents union talent as well as non-union talent. Non-union rates are based on a per project basis. will charge overtime pay to client for any bookings loner than 8 hours.

All payments are made to TALENTS ARE NOT PAYED DIRECTLY BY CLIENTS. Sole responsibility is assumes by client in the pursuit of payment. Legal fee incurred, lawsuits, or any other cost incurred by associated with fair payment per previous contractual agreement. Fifty percent of project cost is due to from client, prior to execution of stipulated project, by client. The remaining 50% of payment is due to within seven business days of invoice unless otherwise stipulated by in writing. The extenuation must be signed and dated by both client and

If client fails to pay agreed upon compensation in full within seven business days of commencement of project, is entitled to recover from client. If any arbitration or legal action is required n the enforcement of this agreement, or due to any alleged dispute, breach, default, or misrepresentation in connection with this agreement, the prevailing party is entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees as well as other costs associated with the arbitration of legal action necessitated by the dispute, in addition to any other relief to which the party may be entitled.